Under the general downturn of global economy, China still remains an attractive destination for investors and manufacturers with world-class products due to a new round of high-level opening-up policies, measures to encourage expanding market access to other regions of the world, and major incentives for high value-added industries, and its relatively stable internal political and business environment. This is also why most international group companies regard the Chinese market as one of their business focus.

    At the same time, after more than 30 years of accumulation, China's manufacturing industry has a complete industrial supply chain, which has created favorable conditions for the development of China's manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, it has also attracted industrial procurement officers and professionals from all over the world to come to China to purchase various products and materials. This is also why a considerable number of group companies have established global procurement centers in China. This is in line with the general trend of economic globalization, market globalization and procurement globalization.

    In the field of energy and public utilities, due to the revolutionary changes brought by digital transformation to the industry, new challenges and opportunities have also been brought to the procurement of leading international energy or utilities enterprises. Specifically in the field of energy metering, China has become the main manufacturing and supply base of global electricity meters, water meters and related products, and also the place where global procurement officers often gather. Every year, a large number of international procurement officers come to China to find related suppliers and partners.

    In order to provide an opportunity for global procurement officers and professionals related to energy and public utilities to exchange and discuss with each other and face-to-face with manufacturers from China and Asia, we plan to hold the First Procurement & Cooperation Strategy Summit (PCSS) co-located with the 14th METERING China Annual Conference & Exhibition.

    Expected that all participants will fully exchange views and develop friendly cooperation.

    Looking Forward to Meeting You in Beijing on April 26-29, 2020
    Organizing Committee
    GSL Consulting China
    Supported by METERING China Media & Publication
    Heat & Cool Metering Working Committee, CABEE, MOHURD


    Apr. 25
    Apr. 26
    Apr. 27
    Apr. 28
    Apr. 29

    Registration Time:
    9:00 - 16:00
    Procurement Summit
    Main Conference
    METERING China
    Main Conference & Sub-conferences
    Field Visits
    09:00 - 17:00
    Visit to Demo Projects
    in Beijing,
    Projects covering
    three – four meter applications
    Part One
    Main Conference
    (Utility + Metering)
    Visit to Exhibit Hall
    Four in Parallel

    Part Two
    Part Three
    Global Release of
    Innovative & Disruptive
    Part Four
    Welcome Banquet
    Welcome Banquet
    Exhibition Move-Out
    April 27-28
    9:00 - 17:30
    Smart Utility & Metering Innovative Technology Exhibition and Utility & Metering Product Global
    Sourcing Fair as well as
    Matchmaking activities and One on One Meetings


    Procurement & Cooperation
    Strategy Summit 2020

    The First PCSS, as an annual gathering platform exclusively for chief procurement officers (CPOs) and trade partners from the global energy and utility sectors, is designed to provide a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of procurement and trade cooperation under the current digital transformation and innovative business environment. With invited 25+ senior-level speakers and expected 200+ top-level CPOs and trading partners attending the summit in 2020, PCSS will present successful procurement strategies and benchmarks, share megatrends and challenges, launch innovative technologies and cooperative opportunities that CPOs can use to gain insights into best practices, gauge their procurement and trade performance against the best-in-class, ultimately improve their operations and performance.

    Who Should Attend?
  • CEO, GM, CPO, sourcing directors, purchasing directors and all cross -functional department managerial executives from global utility (electric power, water, gas and heat) groups, energy corporations and governmental purchasing departments.
  • Traders, agents and dealers developing international businesses.
  • Marketing, sales executives and managerial staffs from local and international suppliers.
  • Other related cross functional executives.
  • Why Should Attend?
  • Full of opportunities to grow your network and make invaluable connections.
  • Participate with questions to our speakers and fellow delegates during networking times: breakfasts, lunches and happy hours or executive party scheduled throughout the event.
  • Examine the practices of those select top-performing procurement and trading organizations that have developed and mastered the capabilities, influence and innovation that enable them to contribute to the competitive advantage of their enterprises.
  • Look at what separates these outperformers from the rank-and-file organizations that fall short in these dimensions.
  • A roadmap will be provided for CPOs and partners to follow that enable them to begin emulating the practices of outperformers.
  • Opportunities to find potential partners for future direct or indirect procurement or cooperation.

    26 April Sunday
    9:00 – 10:30
    Session One - Future Trends of Procurement
    √ Future trends – transformation and innovation of procurement
    √ Protect and grow revenue through digital strategy
    √ Data driven procurement & supply chain
    √ Application of Innovative technologies and solutions
    Coffee/Tea Break
    Session Two - Sustainable Procurement & Cooperation Strategies
    √ Indirect sourcing and R & D cooperative management
    √ Strategic sourcing, cost reduction & risk management
    √ Social media and procurement
    √ Strategies on talents and leadership for high-performance of procurement
    Panel Discussion
    Delegate Lunch
    Session Three – Strategic Partnership & Cooperation
    √ New strategic partnership – local rooted, global served
    √ Improving supply-chain collaboration and management
    √ Improving collaboration across the enterprise and partners
    √ Cooperation strategies with partners and technical authorities
    15:30 -16:00
    Coffee/Tea Break
    Session Four – Best Cases Sharing on Procurement & Partnerships
    √ Innovative procurement cases sharing from international group companies.
    √ Best practices sharing from utilities or energy companies.
    √ Application of digital procurement like AI, cloud computing, big data, block chain in group companies.
    √ Disruptive technologies applied in procurement process for utility groups.
    Panel Discussion
    27 April 2020
    √ Attending METERING China Conference (details to be provided separately)
    √ Visit to exhibit hall and interact with target exhibitors for one on one meetings
    28 April 2020
    √ Attending METERING China 2020 Sub-conferences
    √ Visit to exhibit hall and interact with target exhibitors for one on one meetings


    This event offers sponsoring and exhibiting opportunities to leading vendors from local and international market in the energy and utility fields.
    You are welcome to contact us for details.



    For speaking / sponsoring / exhibiting / partnering, please contact
    Mr. Danil WANG, Mobile: +86 13581885520
    Ms. Bella MA, Mobile: +86 13020065500
    Phone: +86 10 6800 1603
    Email: advisors@gsl-consulting.com

    For hotel reservation or visa application support, please contact:
    Mr. Shang, Mobile: +86 10 6800 1602
    Email: support@meteringchina.com
    Web: www.meteringchina.com

    For general issues or consultation about the event, please contact:
    James LAU, Mobile: +86 1360 112 8650
    Phone: +86 10 6800 3684
    Email: james.lau@gsl-consulting.com

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